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On The Potential Of Dreams To Affect Reality [Dec. 12th, 2012|03:51 pm]
Symphonic Rock Productions
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I’m currently reading the last couple of episodes of Spectral Shadows in preparation for launching a new season of my serial next month, and as I’m reading the parts that are inspired by Second Life, it strikes me that, back in the 70’s when I started, this would have been considered science fiction of a most imaginative order.

People would have read it with fascination, thinking how imaginative and impossible this world I was describing was. But to the young people of today, it may seem like I’m just looking out the front door and describing what are for them just everyday events.

It’s fascinating to realize that, just over the time I’ve been writing this series, the height of science fiction fantasy has become casually accepted reality. I have literally traveled time into a future where things that were once only imagined have come to pass.

What a pity that, after I’m done with this series, I can’t put it in a time machine and send it back to my former self in the 70’s. How much more intriguing it would have been to read this then, when you’d really have to work to imagine living in virtual worlds.

Actually, I did have plans to do a virtual world scenario as early as 1983. So it was all in our dreams back then. Apparently everything we dream does become reality in some sense, if not in exactly the way we dreamt it. Perhaps that is how evolution actually works. Perhaps the future existence of our descendants is indeed affected by what we dream today. What a pity so many of us are prone to nightmares.

At the same time I’m re-watching Rayearth 2, and I’m noting the same theme – a world that is shaped by dreams and fears. And the more you indulge your nightmares, the less beautiful your world becomes. Is that why today we live in a world obsessed with dark, colorless clothing, short hair, artless pop culture, and a general disdain of beauty. Have we become dream deficient as a society?

In the 60’s we dreamed hard of going to the moon. And so we went there, seemingly nothing to it. But since then we have not dreamt very hard of going further. Instead we have dreamed of a world where perpetual war is somehow seen as a positive necessity, and rainforests are not.

In the 70’s we dreamed of equality and happiness for all human beings. And while that dream remained strong, it seemed well on the way to coming into being. But, as a species, we found we did not like this. We began to dream instead of a world where we would always have something to complain about and demand pity for. Thus, social inequality has been what we’ve pushed for in the last few decades.

How strange to hear people talking about how bad the 70’s were, and how life is so much better now. But is being able to carry the world’s largest library around in your coat pocket a fair trade off for a world filled with sunshine, inspired art and smiley faces?

But then, why do animals dream of being predators with such passion that they become them? Is it because it’s so much easier to base one’s dreams on negative emotions than positive ones? Does it require a concerted effort to get people dreaming positively in such numbers that life for the human race will take a turn for the better?

I ran into an old hippie Atheist on YouTube the other day who closes each of his video rants with “Peace and love, that’s where it’s at.” Yet, obviously his dreams are not filled with peace and love. His thoughts and dreams are dominated by things he resents with an all-consuming passion.

I’ve been that way to a great extent myself in recent years. My thoughts have been filled with resentment towards people who have hurt me, or who work to hurt other people that I like. When my thoughts are set on random they more often than not end up swearing about how wrong somebody was in the things they said or did that was unfair or hurtful towards somebody else, and how much they deserve to be berated for it.

Or, when the depression kicks in, my thoughts turn to things I berate myself for. I have never had any shortage of personal regrets – dumb things I wish I would have had the sense not to do. Truly I do not admire myself or the human race in general very much, because we’re not nice by nature. We’re mean and selfish by nature. Niceness is something we really have to work at. Or, at least, that’s how it seems when depression rules my dreams.

But then, in times of clarity like right now, that seems a rather odd way for me to be thinking, as anyone who knows me can see I don’t have to work at being nice at all. It’s actually a compulsion with me to be nice. Being mean, aggressive and otherwise not nice is what requires effort on my part. In fact, it requires so much effort I can never keep at it for very long.

I wonder if I’m the only one who gets tired of the struggle to remain in the aggressive mode just to keep up with the others in the world who are influencing me with their own resentment and aggression. Maybe that’s why they were finally able to get a gay marriage bill passed in my state. Maybe people just get tired of forcing themselves to stay in the not nice mode, and they start thinking, “What does it benefit me to prevent the happiness of others? Aww, the heck with it. Let ‘em exist and be happy. I have more pleasant things to think about.”

And the minute people start to relax so that they can think more pleasant thoughts, the world immediately starts to become a more pleasant place.

So, never dismiss lightly this notion that how you think and what you dream has a direct magical effect on the world around you, and how happy you are living in it. To change the world begins with changing how you think, so that you can start imagining something better, and perhaps inspire those around you to share that dream. And the more you share it, the more evolution will push in that direction.

I dream of color, of beauty, of security in the kindness of others. I have no use for the dark dreams that have dominated the human landscape for so many years now. I have no use for politics, war, religion, prejudice or dark music. When it comes to inspiration for feeling bad, I have plenty enough to deal with from my own memories. I do not need outside help for that.

But when it comes to getting beyond that and thinking positively, I often do need assistance, because the pull of world belief towards the dark side is currently so strong. That is why I surround myself with happy music and colorful art, positively motivating animation. That’s pretty much why I’m a Furry.

Now, there are those who would say Furry is not a positively motivating thing. They would say it’s filled with all kinds of negativity. But, it’s really just the people who feel that way that are negative. And they want everyone else to share their negativity. Furry works to fight against that negativity, and that’s why they hate it.

That’s why it pisses them off no end to see grown people still getting off on the kind of color and beauty that only children are supposed to be able to tolerate. They hate the positive ideology that permeates the Furry films which are the center pole of the fandom. They wonder how we can stand it.

Further, they’re reviled by how accepting we can be of diversity - how it is that we have such a will not to reject people in our own fandom who have very little else in common with us, particularly when it comes to religion, politics and sexuality. They wonder what is this extraordinary will we Furries have to see those things as not being important. What’s wrong with us?

But hopefully, someday in the not too distant future, we will see a time when people en mass just get tired of working so hard to see something wrong with us, and see that there’s something wrong with them – that the negative things they work so hard to keep at the forefront of their minds really aren’t important at all, and it’s time to just let them go – time to allow the world to go its natural way and become a beautiful, peaceful place where innocence is truly valued, and happiness can become the common state of the human condition.


[User Picture]From: dreamparallax
2012-12-12 10:36 pm (UTC)
Niko here - I was left signed into Dream Parallax's account (Was updating it) when I saw your journal. How coincidental and appropriate that I reply to this journal about dreams with a story that too is about dreams.

Anyways, this reminds me of what CJ from Metal Motivation was saying. Your happiness or sadness depends on your state of mind. If you crowd out the evil and negative, then you can help reshape your life into something so much more positive and good. I agree with what he said and you said. We need to dream and push forward for those dreams, and not give up on them. Hopefully, one day, we can brighten up the world. But if we are to lead we must do first by example. Let us go forward with the light and spread it around!!
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[User Picture]From: shockwave77598
2012-12-13 03:41 pm (UTC)
The problem with sci fi today is that everything we used to think so fictional can be bought at Best Buy. So what can the future hold that we dont' already hold?

We as writers need to think up some new directions that our high tech future can go that are exciting and interesting to write about. I have a premise for taking star trek past TNG, where the borg have severely wrecked the Federation, but then just as quickly leave with no explanation. The crew of the new Enterprise sat the battle out as they had total power failure -- the risks of new tech. And now they and the remaining ships (very few) are desperately trying to save lives, keep the federation together, and rebuild. This is made difficult when the rest of the fleet regard Enterprise and its crew as cowards and malingerers, which is the catalyst for many a bar fight scene in my idea for a show.
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