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Spectral Shadows, Episode No. 131: The Fire Down Below - Symphonic Rock Productions [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

Spectral Shadows, Episode No. 131: The Fire Down Below [Jun. 17th, 2013|02:04 pm]
Symphonic Rock Productions

In this episode of the original Furry soap opera, leopardess super heroine Saint Saffron discovers the secret identity of The Shadow Cat, Rick the trucker coyote and Bixyl the reporter fox witness a mutant attack in No Furs Land, Christine the pink haired vixen visits a mating park, Kacey the pink squirrel finds out cyber yiffing can be deadly, and Twee the white rabbit has a very painful experience.


I had more trouble writing this one than the last three. Not that there was anything particularly difficult it. I had the whole thing pretty much mapped out already. I either really didn't want to write the first segment or I was just too tired.

I get to writing a little while and my eyes just start closing on me. Not only that, but they get really dry. So much so it hurts to pry them open.

So yesterday I got the brilliant idea to take a nap rather than forcing myself to be in and out in front of the computer all day, getting only a page or so to show for it. Got up a few hours later and was able to write non-stop for 12 hours.

So, I guess that's the secret then. When you can't write, sleep.

In those 12 hours I did the last two scenes, and my imagination even threw in a lot of extra stuff I hadn't been planning on.

Some of it's not as fully fleshed out as I'd like, but it's still a full 15 pages. Which is twice as long as it needs to be. And if I'm too meticulous there's no way I'll be able to do an episode per week. Besides that I just hate reading through things more than a couple of times.

So, maybe I'll come back later and add some stuff to slow down the pace a bit. But I think it will satisfy the readers for now.

Anyway, if there's a moral to this episode it has to do with the potential consequences of society putting pressure on people to conform to a standard sexuality. Some will try to comply. Some will even go to ridiculously self-destructive extents trying to find ways of doing things they just can't do. Some may even kill themselves in the attempt. But, just like with America, you'll never get Suburbia to admit its standard sexuality isn't perfect for everyone, or to treat those who can't conform as if they had any value.

[User Picture]From: symian
2013-06-17 06:24 pm (UTC)
Yes, it took me most of my life to realize that we are not all built the same way sexually, or emotionally, and that there was more than one way to live life, love, or not to love.
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[User Picture]From: the_punk_hippie
2013-06-17 06:41 pm (UTC)
with all the work you put into each story, I wouldn't worry about releasing one a week - one every other week would probably be more than enough, & as long as you're releasing them consistently, your fans will be happy :D
Don't overwork yourself
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