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Sex And Spirituality [Oct. 18th, 2013|01:53 pm]
Symphonic Rock Productions
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I noticed that responses to the last episode of Spectral Shadows were a little more sparse than the responses to the previous three. I suspect that my readers may be a little, if not put out, at least a bit bemused by the amount of sexual content in this episode.

It’s not the first time I’ve had to deal with a sex scene in my series. Sometimes things of great significance happen in a sex scene that are necessary to the story. But, as a general rule, I’m never more graphic than is required to get those important revelations about the characters across.

Still, though, it occurred to me that some might ask, why is sex necessary in a story that generally revolves around cosmic spirituality? Is not sex the antithesis of spirituality? Why is it important to show that a seemingly angelic character can act slutty?

These are good questions I’ve never addressed before. And, no, it isn’t because sex sells, or because I think Furry Fandom won’t take anything seriously that doesn’t have sex in it.

But sex is a part of life that everyone has to deal with in one way or another. I think angelic characters that have never had any kind of sexual experience are rather unrealistic. There are even those who say that the assumption that Jesus never had sex makes him harder to relate to. Some like him better if they can imagine that he was someone who was completely human and did normal human things, like having sex.

The thing is, everyone has sex, or at least sexual feelings. So if spiritual transcendence and sex are incompatible, that pretty much negates the whole issue. It makes spirituality for human beings impossible.

Thus, what is hidden beneath the surface in this latest episode is the notion that sex is actually pivotal to the spirituality of these characters. Sex is part of the connection that keeps these characters finding each other and becoming lovers as they are reincarnated into new life after new life across the ages of history.

This theory is, of course, directly contrary to a number of ancient religions that thought abstinence was the path to spirituality. Ah, but what do they know? I see no logic in their reasoning. I think love is a very spiritual thing. And what is the point of being mortal if not to express cosmic love in a physical manner?

Ancient religions also tend towards the idea that we are all born for great things that impact the cosmos, but that is obviously not true. Mortal lives come and go in the blink of a cosmic eye, and only the smallest percentage of those lives achieve the impact of a Beethoven. The majority of them come and go with no cosmic impact at all.

Therefore, why else are they here except to continue their journey across the ages with the friends and lovers they have formed some kind of cosmic attachment to? And when they discover each other in a new life, why shouldn’t the first thing they feel driven to do be to hop into bed and express their love physically?

And consequently, if this is such a natural thing, why should the expression of physical love be an impediment to spiritual transcendence? Why would any spirits that make it to any heaven or nirvana that exists not be making love to their fellow spirits in whatever way spirits may have of being intimate?

Of course, that would have nothing to do with procreation, but here I go again, locking horns with established religion. I don’t see procreation as the only reason people or spirits have for being intimate.

So, since Spectral Shadows is meant to embody my personal philosophy, or the basis of my own self-styled religion, naturally it needs to include my views on intimacy, which won’t be accomplished without an intimate scene or two.

Fortunately that’s not one of my main issues. So you won’t see scenes like this too often. But whenever they do become necessary, I’m in hopes that they’ll be viewed more intellectually than erotically. But then, if fans want to take things further into the erotic in their imaginations, I consider that a fan’s inviolate privilege, and I wish them all the joy they can get out of it.

[User Picture]From: nikolinni
2013-10-18 06:44 pm (UTC)
Well, and then you have people like me, whose intimate experiences with his spirit friends seems to build up more bonding between them. In fact some people believe that making love generates some kind of energy called Tantra, which can aid in building bonds and links between people.

And besides, making love (and not just having sex) is a beautiful thing. It really is something more when you do it as a form of expressing love and bonds/connections and what nots.
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[User Picture]From: emerald_scales
2013-10-19 09:24 am (UTC)
Technically, my "species" is referred to as "Celestial" though some of us tend to take on other forms throughout our lifetime. I just prefer that of what humans think of as "western style Dragon." Basically we are beings of light energy, resembling stars. At least thats what I am told and it does make sense in a way, for when I shut my eyes I often see light instead of darkness. Seeing as some of my family here on Earth have taken on spiritualist roles (shamans/druids/etc) and we all have certain "gifts," I am more inclined to believe what my elders tell me. They have been given information themselves through visions and trance-work. I know that I have spent time in different forms myself during my short life (about 280 Earth years) and remembering previous incarnations can be difficult. I feel it also explains why I identify as having more than one gender. Of course I also wonder just how Celestials actually mate...
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