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The Force Speaks Directly To Nikolinni [Nov. 13th, 2013|09:51 pm]
Symphonic Rock Productions
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nikolinni has been sending me E-mails again with a lot of questions apparently designed to elicit my approval of his continuing to pursue Christianity. My gut reaction to these questions is that it’s none of my business how he pursues his personal spirituality. If he wants to be a Christian I have no business telling him not to. But eliciting my approval puts me in the position of having to express a personal opinion on whether I think this is a good idea or not. And I don’t think my opinion counts for much.

So, basically I opened myself to The Force and let it answer Nikolinni’s questions, much as I do whenever I need to write on spiritual matters in fiction or essays. And as I think The Force always has significant things to say, I’m putting what it said here in the journal for all to enjoy and benefit from.

Nikolinni asked, “Do you really think there's nothing but lies I can pull from the bible? Or any Christian ideas?”

The Force offered the following response.

I inspired for you "What Ra Wants" and the recent journal entry on everything you need to know about religion in a nut shell. More study than this you do not need. If you're not getting what I'm saying in what I've inspired, further explanation on my part is not going to help you.

The Bible is not full of lies. It is full of mythology, which is a historically polite way of saying it's a work of fiction, both in the new and old testaments. You have been shown the documentaries that prove this. Bearing that in mind, The Bible is like any other work of fiction. It may contain some inspirational tidbits here and there that you may find useful in forming a personal philosophy or morality, but that's all.

Moreover, The Bible was written for people who lived thousands of years ago. Nothing in it applies to the situations you'll face in modern life. For that you need the inspiration of more recent writers. You would do well to stop obsessing over ideas that are thousands of years old and work on broadening your horizons towards more beneficial possibilities. i.e. don't let concentration on The Bible keep you stuck in a rut.

Is The Bible full of lies? No. It would be more accurate to say The Bible is full of the stuff that is used to construct lies. Collectively, the material contained in The Bible points in no solid direction. It tells you to do one thing here, and to do just the opposite there. This makes it possible for humans to use The Bible to create whatever rules they want to. Therefore you might as well just let humans write their own rules with no guidance at all.

In terms of spiritual growth, The Bible is a millstone chained to your middle that does little more than hold you down, chain you to the Earth. Spirituality is about your ability to fly, releasing yourself from the chains of world belief so that your spirit may soar where your body does not.

Be mindful of what Christy learned in magical school. The Bible will kill your fursona and separate you from your spirit friends. It has incalculable evil attached to it. It will invite you to justify and participate in all manner of human evils, while encouraging you to think of good as something that is easily ignored or dismissed away. If this is not what you want, I can not in any good conscience advise you that there is anything positive in Christian ideas for you, other than the ones sited in the journal post. And you may note, none of those ideas are unique to Christianity. They are all ideas that Christianity borrowed from other religions and schools of thought.

The only ideas that are unique to Christianity are concerned with your personal enslavement to the church and the surrendering of your free will. And they were all created for the specific purpose of using Christianity as a tool of kings and emperors for controlling the people. They have nothing to do with spiritual growth. They are more about preventing it.

If you were really serious about getting close to this God entity, I would advise you to drop Christianity entirely and become Jewish, as that is the religion that created God. And if the idea of being Jewish reviles you, then I submit that you are not really interested in God at all, and your motives for pursuing Christianity are most likely impure and harmful.

People who are serious about spirituality do not dwell excessively on The Bible. They have instead a library of religious and philosophical books they read from all the world religions and schools of thought. They take from each what they can prove is true and regard the rest as fun mythology.

Basically you have a choice to go forward in life as a well-educated and enlightened gentleman who possesses far reaching wisdom collected from the 4 corners of the world, or you can choose to limit yourself and remain as ignorant, confused, lost and useless to others as the common Christian. That's up to you. If you lean towards the latter, by all means go on obsessing over The Bible.

Otherwise, be aware that there is no one ultimate truth that is true for everyone. It has been scientifically proven that you create your own reality. Therefore, the only ultimate truth that is out there for anyone to find will be unique to themselves. Your ultimate truth is not hidden in The Bible. It is hidden within yourself. Knowledge and insight are the keys you use to unlock the truth that is hidden within yourself. Be open minded and well read. Enjoy the lifelong quest for truth.

Do not fear truth. It will not harm you. Even if you eventually learn that your ultimate truth is entirely created by your own fantasies, you need have no fear. You do not need to have some ancient mythological deity be real in order to achieve some sense of security. All you need are good ideas, because ideas are all we are.

Collect the good ideas and the good thoughts. They will serve you well, both in this life and any that may exist beyond. Do not fear to learn that God (or whatever you choose to call The Force) really does exist, and that you are him. You can handle the responsibility, as long as you remember that the good you get out of the world you create depends entirely on the quality of the ideas and thoughts you build it from.

Therefore build not from evil building blocks thinking you can redirect their nature, lest everything you build have the stamp of evil upon it.

[User Picture]From: bixylshuftan
2013-11-24 05:33 pm (UTC)
I remember one professor in college commenting on the subject. Besides the Christians who took what they were taught as children to heart, there were "little c" christians whom were more flexible, seeing only God and not his messenger as divine and having no problems with evolution and other modern scientific theories, "I imagine many of you are 'little c' christians, aren't you."
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